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Song Catalog

The Song Catalog contains detailed information for musical works. It is the central repository of data which supports copyright management, pitching, licensing,  and royalty administration activities.  Contract information, copyright owner/royalty splits, performing rights information, sound recording information, industry specific codes, song classification data, and music library inclusion information can be entered into the Song Catalog.


Once musical works are entered into the Song Catalog, they may be associated with Pitching Activity and Licenses activity, allowing for ease of reporting, tracking, and royalty calculations. Smart lists such as PRO Clearance Issues and Reversion Option Report may be used to manage and maintain the catalog. Reports such as Songwriter Song List, Publisher Song List, and Income Participant Song List may be used to analyze the catalog.


The following documentation suggests best practices for capturing and managing as much meaningful data as possible within the Song Catalog, however, you are free to enter as much or as little data as you need to support your team’s workflow!





The Song Catalog is accessed via the navigation menu. This will display a list of musical works sorted by Song Name (ascending order) and Special Handling (ascending order). Here you can Edit, View, Inline Edit (List), Inline Add or Import/Export records to the Song Catalog.



Adding a musical work to the Song Catalog is a two step process: 


Before adding a musical work to the Song Catalog, Songwriters & Sound Recording Owners, Publishers,  and Income Participant data should be added so that they are available for selection when defining ownership and royalty splits.


  1. Initialize Musical Works Titles

Initialize one or more musical works titles using Inline add which allows you to type in the song name, mlc code, isrc codes and associated albums, performance rights organization registration status, contract begin date and term, and artist name directly to the list screen, similar to using a spreadsheet.


Save or Save all to trigger the automatic assignment of a SONG ID, which is used to uniquely identify each musical work title within the system. This SONG ID is used throughout the system to associate other metadata, like copyright owner royalty splits, licenses, pitching, and royalties, back to the musical work.


  1. Edit  Musical Works Details

At this time, you may complete the details for each new title that was added using Edit.  The following information may be documented for each musical work.

    1. Contract/Agreement Info
    2. Writer/Publisher Splits
    3. Income Participant Splits
    4. Sound Recording Info
    5. Performance & Mechanical Rights
    6. Song Classification
    7. Music Library Agreements