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Music Library Agreements

Use the Music Library Agreements tab in the Song Catalog to document when a musical work is being pitched via agreements with outside organizations (ex: music libraries, pitching services). 


Associating Libraries/Pitch Services with a musical work provides definitive information on what outside organizations or services have been authorized to seek out licensing for the musical work, and who must be notified to remove the work from their systems during a reversion, copyright reassignment, or upon termination of an agreement with an outside vendor.


A Libraries/Pitch Services Song List report (available in the Catalog Management module) uses this information to provide an audit trail of historical interaction with music libraries or pitch services (aka “licensing partners”). The report shows songs that are currently (Status = “active”) or were previously (Status = “removed”) included in a licensing partner’s database.


From the navigation menu, select the Song Catalog to display a list of musical works. This list is  sorted by Song Name (ascending order) and Special Handling (ascending order). Use the Search or Advanced Search functions to locate the song that you wish to modify.


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Select the musical work for editing.


This will display the musical work details screen which allows entry of the musical works details.


Add Music Library Agreements (click on tab on lower half of screen)

Use this tab to document the inclusion of the musical work in outside music libraries or pitching services.




Click on Add new to select Company Name from the Libraries/Pitch Services drop-down list and Save


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Saving the selected Company Name (previous screen) will automatically fill in the Commission Percentage based on the information in the associated Libraries/Pitch Services record that was selected and will initialize the Status as “Active”, indicating that the musical work is currently included in the library/pitch service platform.

Note: If the musical work is ever removed from the library/pitch service platform, the status should be updated to “removed”.


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