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Sound Recording Info

If you are authorized to license the sound recording for an underlying musical work, use the Master Licensing Royalty Splits section from the Song Catalog to document the agreed upon royalty splits for any master use licenses. If you are not authorized to license the sound recording for the underlying musical work, you may still use this section to document the sound recording ownership information if desired, but make sure that you set each entity to Controlled? = “N”.


 In addition to providing documentation of contract/agreement royalty percentages, these splits are used to initialize royalty amounts for "controlled" entities when master use Licenses are secured.




Before you begin, be sure that all parties that are entitled to royalties for licensing of the sound recording are in the Songwriters & Sound Recording Owners list,  so that they are available for selection when defining the royalty splits.


From the navigation menu, select the Song Catalog to display a list of musical works. This list is  sorted by Song Name (ascending order) and Special Handling (ascending order). Use the Search or Advanced Search functions to locate the song that you wish to modify.





Select the musical work for editing.



This will display the musical work details screen which allows entry of the musical works details.



Add Sound Recording Info (click on tab on lower half of screen)


Use this tab to document information about the sound recording, including ­Royalty Recipients, Royalty Percentage, Film/TV Credits to be used in case of licensing and ISRC codes & associated Album, Release Year, Release Date, and UPC (if applicable) for up to three releases.


Click on Add new to select Royalty Recipients from the (Songwriters & Sound Recording Owners) drop-down list and enter the Royalty Percentage, indicate whether or not the entity is “controlled” (Controlled?) under your publishing contract, and Save.


All shares must add up to a total of 100%.