If a copyright owner of a musical work is a publisher, their information must be documented using the Publishers screen. Publisher information should be added before adding any of the copyright owner’s associated musical works to the Song Catalog.


Publishers are accessed from the drop-down list in the Copyright Owners module. Here you can Edit, View, or Add New records to the database. To add a new publisher, click on Add new.



This will display a screen that allows you to add pertinent information for the publisher. Type in the publisher’s information and press the Save button to add the record.

Data Entry Tips


Most of the fields on the screen are self explanatory. Following are tips and notes on several fields whose meaning may not be as clear.


Status - the default is “active”.

“Active” publishers appear first in List View. In cases where you are no longer working with a publisher,  you may set their Status to “Inactive” so that it moves them to the bottom of the list.


Performing Rights Organization - select from drop-down list

If the PRO is not available in the drop-down list, it must first be added to the Performing Rights Organizations list.



After the publisher information is added, the publisher can easily be associated with a musical work in the Song Catalog by selecting their name from the drop-down list when adding the writer royalty splits.