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Pitching Activity

The Pitching Activity screens allow entry of pitching activity and lead details, tracking of the status of the pitch (open or closed), and tracking of the status for each musical work that was submitted for consideration (ex: pass, short-list, final selection, license pending, licensed).


Pitching Activity  is accessed via the drop-down list in the Pitching module. This will display a list of leads sorted by Status (ascending order) and Date Initiated (descending order). Here you can Edit, View, Inline Edit (List) or Inline Add records to Pitching Activity.




Example 1: Add Pitching Activity

Adding a lead to Pitching Activity is a two step process:


  1. Initialize Lead

Initialize a lead using the Inline Add function which allows you to type in a few basic pieces of information for the lead (status, date initiated, project, who initiated the lead, and the source of the lead), directly to the list screen, similar to using a spreadsheet.


  1. Add Details & Select Musical Works Submitted to the Lead

Once the new lead has been saved to the list, use the Edit function to document additional details and to associate musical works that were submitted for consideration. 

Initialize Lead


Initialize a lead directly on the list screen, by doing an Inline add, typing in basic details of Status, Date Initiated, a short phrase to identify the Project (ex: Car Commercial), Initiated By (name of person pitching to the project), and lead Source (select from drop-down list controlled by Lead Sources codes), then Save.






Add Details & Select Musical Works Submitted to the Lead


Next, click on Edit next to the newly added lead.


This will display the musical lead details screen which allows entry of more detailed information and selection of musical works that were submitted for consideration. Each step is detailed below:


  1. Enter Additional Lead Details (top section of screen)

This section of the screen allows you to document additional information about the lead. Enter any additional information that you would like to document.



  1. Select Musical Works Submitted to the Lead (bottom section of screen)

Next you will document which songs were submitted for consideration, by using Inline Add and Save all to associate one or more musical works to the lead from the drop-down list.

Data Entry Tips


Song Title - Musical works with a Special Handling code (ex: “Inactive”) will not appear on the drop-down list.


Status - This field is used to track the status of the submission (ex: pass, short-list, final selected, etc.). When adding a song to a lead, leave this field blank.




  1. When finished, Save your information and go Back to list to return to the list of leads.




Example 2: Track Pitching Activity

You can easily track progress during the life cycle of the lead. The status of musical works that were submitted to a lead may be updated as feedback is received regarding their inclusion or rejection for the project. You can also close out leads that are no longer viable.


In this example, we have heard back from the client that the musical works submitted were not quite right for the project. We will update the status of the musical works and then close out the lead.


Update the Status of the Musical Works

Locate the lead that needs to be updated from the Pitching Activity list, and click on the details icon next to the ID. This will expand the lead to show which musical works were submitted.



Select all of the musical works on the list and click on Update selected. This will display a pop-up screen that will allow you to update the Status on all selected musical works at once.



Click on the check box next to Status, select “PASS” from the drop-down list, then click Update 4 records. This will update the status on all musical works and return you to the list screen.




Close Out The Lead

Change the Status of the lead directly from the list. To do this, click on List , select a Status of  “CLOSED” from the drop-down list, and then Save.





The lead is now closed and all musical works have been updated to show they have not be selected for the project.