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Libaries/Pitch Services

Libraries/Pitch Services provide a means to track agreements with outside music libraries or pitching services.


Libraries/Pitch Services may be associated with a musical work via the Song Catalog (Music Library Agreements tab). This provides definitive information on where the musical work is being pitched via agreements with outside organizations, and who must be notified to remove the work from their systems during a reversion, copyright reassignment, or upon termination of an agreement with the outside vendor.





To document agreement information with an outside music library or pitching service, access Libraries/Pitch Services from the drop-down list in the Catalog Management module. Here you can Edit or Inline Add music library and pitch service agreement information directly from the list.




Use Inline Add to add one or more new Libraries/Pitch Services agreements directly from the list, followed by Save or Save all.



Alternatively, to update agreement information:

  1. Click on Edit next to the musical work.
  2. Make changes to the appropriate fields that need updated.
  3. Click Save to save the updates.