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Monetization Work Summary Data

Monetization Work Summary Data is a repository for monetization royalty detail summarized at a musical works level. This data is used by the Process Monetization Song Royalties dashboard in the Royalties module to show the total accrued value of royalties for each musical work, and the associated monetization detail records for any incoming royalties that have not yet been processed and distributed to the copyright owners.


Data from outside licensing agents like Harry Fox Agency and Music Reports Inc. may be imported from any spreadsheet in any format as needed, simply by using the Import function and matching up the columns from the source spreadsheet to the appropriate columns in the Monetization Work Summary Data repository.


Once imported, the data may be sorted, searched, reviewed, edited, and analyzed in support of your royalty management process.


Download “Work Summary” Data From Licensing Agents


Before you can use this feature, you must first download monetization royalty detail spreadsheets from your licensing agent’s portal. Consult your licensing agent for instructions on how to do this.


Import Monetization “Work Summary” Data


Monetization  Work Summary Data is accessed via the drop-down list in the Licensing module. This will display a list of all Monetization royalty detail records that you have imported into the system.



To import new Monetization Work Summary Data, click on Import from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen to start the process.


Click on Browse from the pop-up screen and select your saved spreadsheet that contains the data you’d like to import. Optionally, you may copy and paste your spreadsheet data here by pressing the Copy and Paste Text button.



This will display the import verification screen where you should review how the fields from the spreadsheet will be imported into the system. Match up fields from the spreadsheet to the available fields in the Monetization Work Summary Data repository.  It is critical that you review and verify accuracy of the import data matching before continuing!


Once you have validated that all fields are properly accounted for, press the  Import Data button to begin the process. When the process is finished, a pop up window will indicate how many records were added during the import. You may then go Back to List to review and edit your data as needed.


Optionally, you may select imported records from the list to Edit individually or use Update Selected to update common data like Licensing Agent, Use Type, or Pay Period .

What To Do If You Encounter Errors


Optionally, you may Delete one or more records from the list.


This option should only be used for situations where you had import errors and you would like to delete the imported data, and then start the process over again.